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    Dear Owner/CEO, Good day.I find your website in internet. I am glad to introduce our company to...

    Dear Owner/CEO,

    Good day.I find your website in internet. I am glad to introduce our company to you. KTH is a top manufacturer in Taiwan.Our company (KTH) manufactures operators of automatic door. We have much competitive prices and same good quality as well as Besam、Horton、Record …etc.. Following is my sincerely introduction: My name is Birdie, sales exclusive of Taiwan KTH Automatic Door. In Taiwan, KTH is the top one of manufacturer of exported of automatic door system. Our operators have the unique “PFC” (Power Factor Correction) in Asia. EU countries have always had this rule. That’s why our operators can export to so many Europe countries.

    Our company specializes in producing and developing series of automatic door systems. Our products including the OPERATOR of SINGLE/BI-PARTING, CURVED, TELESCOPIC SLIDING DOORS, AIRTIGHT DOOR as well as the various OPTIONAL DEVICE( Electric Lock, Sensors, Power Failure Drive Unit…etc. ) have very high quality. We obtained certification that its Quality System complies with URS ISO 9001:2000 and CE STANDARDS. For that reason, we believe that you would be satisfied our quality product and competitive price if you also handle with about the supply/ install service to your customers about Automatic Sliding door. Ref: Our automatic doors are needed to be installed by the engineer. You can also browse our website http://www.kth-automaticdoor.com/ to get more information. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to let me know. I am so glad to service for you. Keep in touch. ~ ~ Best regards, Birdie Lo

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